A bit of colour

After yesterday's freezing day, today was almost balmy. Little miss was bit grumpy about being rugged up, but the motion of the pram was no match for her cries of protest and she soon slept for a couple of hours. I found a great fabric store in the neighbourhood which stocks hundreds of gorgeous printed linens and cottons. I could have bought everything in the store. Alas, I restrained myself until I decide what my next project is going to be. Once I work it out, I'll post it here. These happy flowers should brighten the house until I get some of those great fabrics.


Fiscal responsibility

Today was the coldest day in Melbourne for two years, but we still managed to get out and about, trawling the Albert Park village shops and trying not to spend money. One great little boutique had 30 percent off all clothes and I was contemplating buying a nice little top when I was saved by a phonecall from David wanting to catch up for coffee. I never had time to shop before, now I have all the time in the world, but a restricted budget. Hmmm...


Winter weekend

It was the perfect Winter weather for a weekend away, so we packed up the car and spent a couple of days at The White House in Daylesford. This old miner's cottage has undergone a snazzy revamp by Lyn Gardener and was a gorgeous cosy place to spend a couple of days. Maisie has an obsession with staring at lamps and lights, so she was in heaven...


Getting crafty 2

I've had a big urge to make pompoms, don't ask me why, but I'm finding it quite relaxing sitting on the couch under a big rug twisting scraps of wool around cardboard. Perhaps I'll make them into a broach, I'll just need to make one more in daffodil yellow...


Smiles and giggles

Guess who has learnt how to smile? Her favourite time to smile is in the middle of the night when she's meant to sleeping!!
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