Happy celebrations

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and also Maisie's 8-month birthday. She's getting so big and I'm not too happy about it. Sadly, the arrival of Christmas brings me ever closer to returning to work, and the end of my luxurious 12 months off. Oh don't get me wrong, there was some hard work in there too! Today we headed down to the Mornington Peninsula to deliver a Christmas present and stopped in at a couple of my favourite haunts...Red Hill House which is always a good place for gifts. I bought Maise a couple of large vintage blocks, but they're all wrapped up under the tree, so I'll show you some pics later on. (They are probably more pretty than functional, but I'll enjoy them even if she doesn't!) We also stopped in at an old favourite, the Merricks General Store for a hot chocolate and left with some yummy relish and wine. The weather is warming up tomorrow finally, so here's to a nice Christmas eve out in the sunshine..


Mon petit chien

I have met two dogs lately named Maisie. One a greyhound, wearing a fluorescent pink coat and the other a decidedly unintelligent fluffy white mutt. I don't know what this means about our choice of child's name, but our Maisie certainly pricked up her ears when these canine owners called their own. Come to think of it, her behaviour is rather puppyesque at the moment...sniffing around my feet in the kitchen, panting as she commando crawls around the house and growling when she's hungry. Unlike her four-legged friends, she has mastered the art of waving, clapping and calling for her dad. Nice how the one who spends the most time with her (little ol' me) barely rates a mention. Oh yeah...Christmas shopping alllll done. Yay.



So, you know a while back I told you I went deaf in one ear? (Here's a reminder) Well, it turns out, it's permanent!!! Soooo annoying. Last night I had an MRI to make sure there was nothing sinister causing it, which thankfully was clear. The unfortunate news is that the partial deafness is here to stay. Pardon?? Yes hilarious jokes like those never wear thin. Yesterday I ventured out to do some Christmas shopping, for those things I can't get online...and a woman rammed her pram into me. I must have looked at her incredulously because she told me she had said "excuse me" three times and I hadn't heard. Hmmm...see normally I would say she was a rude cow who squeezed on through whispering "excuse me" as an afterthought. But now? Well, I've lost all right to win arguments based on what I heard. Disaster. Some pics from the past week..


A spot of shopping

So I did end up going to the Magnolia Square market and bought a few bits and bobs. Maisie scored a couple of tops from Emma's bargain bin at the Knuffle Kid stall and I also picked up some gifts for others. As usual, Christmas is dangerously close and I really need to start thinking about presents. The idea of shopping makes me nauseous, so I'm determined to get as much as I can online this year. If you know of any great online shopping sites, please send them my way....my only fear is it will start an obsession, I love those packages arriving in the mail...good thing the bank is taking its time with my replacement card. (pics of the new purchases and the little monkey with her dad)
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