Long time between drinks

Hello and apologies once again for the long absence...hmmm let's see....we sold our house (!!), Maisie had a further two or three hideous ailments contracted through creche, I'm back at work (well, one day so far, does that count??) and little miss Marple turned '1'. Yep a whole year gone in mere seconds. I baked for three days straight, we had a lovely party in the park and she received a carload of beautiful gifts. Of course her favourite is the most annoyingly loud and glaringly bright....So, no more mummy leave for me...from here on in, my life is less ALL about Maisie and a little return to me. I'm looking forward to it and I think Maisie will enjoy hanging out with some other kids more regularly too. It's also time to find a new house to live in, given we're now on an eviction deadline. Then the re-decorating posts begin...


What sound does a puppy make?

Ok I'm back. One diagnosed chest infection and a serve of antibiotics for young Maise, plus the appearance of two ginormous teeth and I think we're back on track. Phew. As for the house, well let's just say that being a little obsessive about cleaning at the best of times has resulted in a truly treacherous amount of cleaning throughout the last few weeks that it has been open to the public. Fingers crossed, it will all be over in a few days and the new house hunt will begin. Pics are of Maisie mastering the sound of her new favourite toy "oof, oof".
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