Bon voyage

So today we head off to sunny Fiji. I'm excited because I just received a lovely brown paper package in the mail with my brand new Saltwater sandals. Yay!! Just in time for holidays. Maisie has been squealing with excitement as we rush around throwing things in suitcases. She clearly knows something is up, but just not sure what yet. Let's hope she sleeps well on the flight.


Coffee shop queen

I seem to spend a lot of time in cafes, but I guess everyone does these days. Most recently we had lunch at Turtle cafe in Elwood which I hadn't been to since they rebuilt after the fire, then Miss Marple and I had lunch in Healesville after we picked up her dad from a work conference. Healesville is a great town to visit, excellent pub, yummo White Rabbit brewery and my fave clothes store Body. We're officially on holidays now and heading to Fiji on the weekend for some lovely sun and a few cocktails..bye bye winter.


Little bogan baby

As winter drags on, we've been spending a fair bit of time lazing around the house and cranking that heater. We're still getting out for a big walk every day and doing the rounds of the local coffee shops. Each Monday, I'm still meeting up with my mother's group and quite enjoying the catchups now that they're less formal and at a local cafe. All the babies are reaching new milestones, dealing with immunisations and sharing colds. Sadly Maisie has the dubious honour of being the biggest drama queen of the group and screams her lungs out while their babies politely drop off for a nap. Our little bogan baby is also fitting into her first pair of ugg boots. So proud..


Sweet tooth

I used to adore savoury food and would order a cheese platter over dessert any day of the week. But, while I was pregnant, I developed a real craving for sweet food that I'm still unable to shake!! We had a great weekend away in Torquay, but despite eating almost a whole Lindt white chocolate bar, I'm still craving a chocolate fix. Good thing Anzac biscuits are so easy to make...
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