Show me the money

I am such a nuff. I forgot my pin number while standing at the counter to pay for groceries and after two attempts, I thought I'd remember it by the time I got to an ATM. Clearly the brain was still malfunctioning, because the machine sucked up my card and I was left sans cash and groceries and a husband on a business trip until Friday night. Crap. It's nice when you can use friends as your personal cash machine. It's also probably a blessing in disguise with 25% off at Megan Park tomorrow and this market on Friday...


The 24 days before Christmas

It's that time of year where all the weekends are booking up in the countdown to Christmas. It's also time I start putting things in my diary instead of constantly asking , "is that the weekend we are catching up with...{insert name here}?..." I've never quite understood the compulsion to use Christmas as a deadline for social engagements, as though post-roast, your social appeal diminishes. Nonetheless I always love the invitations that come our way during December. Strangely this year, I'll be bypassing the usual bevy of work related end-of-year functions, but I'll be sure to have a tipple with my young friend (yep she can drink water out of a sippy cup). Here's one for the diary if you need to buy some kids pressies...always a fun market.

Two little monkeys

Maisie had a grand time on the weekend hanging out with lots of little people. First with little Mia (pictured) for a Saturday breakkie and then her cousin and scores of second and third cousins at her nana's birthday party. We're still making our way through the leftover birthday cake...yummo.


Today I learnt how to..

So it seems, four days in Tassie is just the ticket for wellness. I feel so much better this week and perhaps not so coincidentally, Maisie is also behaving herself. Things she learnt this weekend:
1. Whispering is far too subtle when you can shout
2. Sleeping on your back is so uncool when you can slumber on your face
3. Filling your nappy is best accompanied with a long labouring grunt


Choppers in every sense

I knew it would happen. As soon as I thought I had escaped the assortment of infectious offerings doing the rounds, I was hit with two at once. Not only did I get the delightful flu (you know, the usual... nightsweats, shivers, throat infection), but I was also served up a bout of gastro for good measure. Mmm fun. Throw a teething baby into the mix and you have one hell of a happy household. The sickness put my new project on hold...recovering one of our dining chairs in the very fun Echino oilcloth (yep helicopter print screams infant friendly fabric to me). I completely dislike highchairs, so I figured the Handysitt is a good compromise, so long as I protect the dining chair from little miss blowing rasberries with a mouth full of pumpkin. Anyway, we're off to Tassie for a long weekend which I'm very much looking forward to. Maybe we can sleep in while Maisie reads the newspaper....her latest obsession.


Missing in action

Oh dear, I have been so bad at posting lately, but I promise to be better. I have had a grumpy baby, a sick husband and yours truly has been suffering a general malaise. 28 degrees today, so things are looking up... well not for Maisie, she has her immunisations in a few hours. Ewww, poor little mite. As promised, pics of the latest craft project - vintage fabric bunting - so easy, so cute and a hit with Maisie (it looks better up on the wall) - check it out at Poppet in the Post.
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