Winter sunshine

I am loving the gorgeous winter sunshine, but have been mostly too busy to make the most of it. Today was the exception. I ignored my urge to work and instead went swimming, hit the shops and played at the park. Maisie scored herself some new converse sneakers. She was pretty glued to the teal pair (the right choice in my mind too), but I endured the slight tantrum to save $20 on a purple pair. Seriously, a tantrum over shoes at 14 months?? Scary view to the future..

So I had a quick look at the new Zara last week, and despite my serious enthusiasm for it hitting our shores, I was sorely disappointed. Perhaps when I've visited Zara in the past, I've always viewed it through European holiday glasses. The clothes just just don't have the same sparkle when the store staff have an Australian accent and you don't have to convert the price tag into AUS dollars. I'm sure I'll go back, maybe it's just their current collection. I'm about to start a new craft project, so I'll post soon..

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