Moving on

I think about blogging a lot more than I do these days, but things are a bit hectic, so I feel I have somewhat of an excuse for my lack of effort. We've bitten the bullet and organised a rental to move into. Given we settle on our current house in a little over two weeks, it's probably about time too! The thought of packing makes me feel nauseous, but I've decided Friday is the day I'll get started.

Maisie almost has two new teeth and she's just reverted from two naps to one. I had been dreading this day...there goes my solo morning time to enjoy a coffee and actually get things done. But, surprisingly I discovered, it's actually a good thing. By noon we've already been out for lunch, to the park, done some shopping and read some books, then I get a minimum of two whole hours to myself to get some actual work done! (not packing that's for sure, but getting quotes for removalists, cooking, checking out blogs, doing washing...snore..you know, the boring stuff)..Oh and house hunting...still.
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