Moving on

I think about blogging a lot more than I do these days, but things are a bit hectic, so I feel I have somewhat of an excuse for my lack of effort. We've bitten the bullet and organised a rental to move into. Given we settle on our current house in a little over two weeks, it's probably about time too! The thought of packing makes me feel nauseous, but I've decided Friday is the day I'll get started.

Maisie almost has two new teeth and she's just reverted from two naps to one. I had been dreading this day...there goes my solo morning time to enjoy a coffee and actually get things done. But, surprisingly I discovered, it's actually a good thing. By noon we've already been out for lunch, to the park, done some shopping and read some books, then I get a minimum of two whole hours to myself to get some actual work done! (not packing that's for sure, but getting quotes for removalists, cooking, checking out blogs, doing washing...snore..you know, the boring stuff)..Oh and house hunting...still.


Winter sunshine

I am loving the gorgeous winter sunshine, but have been mostly too busy to make the most of it. Today was the exception. I ignored my urge to work and instead went swimming, hit the shops and played at the park. Maisie scored herself some new converse sneakers. She was pretty glued to the teal pair (the right choice in my mind too), but I endured the slight tantrum to save $20 on a purple pair. Seriously, a tantrum over shoes at 14 months?? Scary view to the future..

So I had a quick look at the new Zara last week, and despite my serious enthusiasm for it hitting our shores, I was sorely disappointed. Perhaps when I've visited Zara in the past, I've always viewed it through European holiday glasses. The clothes just just don't have the same sparkle when the store staff have an Australian accent and you don't have to convert the price tag into AUS dollars. I'm sure I'll go back, maybe it's just their current collection. I'm about to start a new craft project, so I'll post soon..


When I grow up..

I have started reading Maisie some of my old Little Golden Books and found this one particularly amusing. According to LGB wisdom, a little boy can grow up to become a policeman, a lion tamer, a doctor, a cake icing expert, a fireman, a diver or an astronaut. Our little female tike's career choices are limited to being a damsel in distress awaiting rescue from a brave fireman, marrying a baker, being a policeman's helper, becoming a mermaid who serves ice-cream and tea to those hungry divers or a proud waitress dishing up "Moonburgers" to those hungry astronauts. Then, there is always the option of opening a beauty parlour for animals while pining the return of her lion tamer husband. The future looks bright.


Special things

Just thought I'd share this gorgeous quilt with you that Maisie's grandma gave us on Mother's Day. The middle section includes scraps of school uniforms, clothes and other meaningful bits and bobs that were quilted by Maisie's great-grandmother. The card is a treat from creche. I love how the fingers are smeared showing how the impatient little minx was trying to escape from the enforced art project.


It's all in the jeans

Little Maise is coping well with creche and I'm enjoying the return to work, so the week has been really good. And, now that the house inspections are over with I can bring back some of the clutter including the sewing machine! Over the Summer I turned an old pair of my jeans into shorts and saved the cut-off legs for another project. Inspiration struck this week and I turned them into a little pair of homegirl jeans for Maisie. They're a bit baggy, but she seems very happy with them. So simple.


Long time between drinks

Hello and apologies once again for the long absence...hmmm let's see....we sold our house (!!), Maisie had a further two or three hideous ailments contracted through creche, I'm back at work (well, one day so far, does that count??) and little miss Marple turned '1'. Yep a whole year gone in mere seconds. I baked for three days straight, we had a lovely party in the park and she received a carload of beautiful gifts. Of course her favourite is the most annoyingly loud and glaringly bright....So, no more mummy leave for me...from here on in, my life is less ALL about Maisie and a little return to me. I'm looking forward to it and I think Maisie will enjoy hanging out with some other kids more regularly too. It's also time to find a new house to live in, given we're now on an eviction deadline. Then the re-decorating posts begin...
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