Choppers in every sense

I knew it would happen. As soon as I thought I had escaped the assortment of infectious offerings doing the rounds, I was hit with two at once. Not only did I get the delightful flu (you know, the usual... nightsweats, shivers, throat infection), but I was also served up a bout of gastro for good measure. Mmm fun. Throw a teething baby into the mix and you have one hell of a happy household. The sickness put my new project on hold...recovering one of our dining chairs in the very fun Echino oilcloth (yep helicopter print screams infant friendly fabric to me). I completely dislike highchairs, so I figured the Handysitt is a good compromise, so long as I protect the dining chair from little miss blowing rasberries with a mouth full of pumpkin. Anyway, we're off to Tassie for a long weekend which I'm very much looking forward to. Maybe we can sleep in while Maisie reads the newspaper....her latest obsession.

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