New arrivals

Maisie caught up with her aunty yesterday and her yet to be born little cousin. Any day now she'll have someone smaller than her to poke and prod and attempt to put in her mouth. Let's hope that baby is a little less theatrical than Maisie. We now have the nightly joy of bedtime screaming sessions lasting around 40 minutes. When I say screaming, I don't mean the sweet, newborn type cries, I mean absolute inconsolable screams of terror. Honestly, she is so dramatic...she has been fed, burped, changed and is at the right stage of tired - not too much that she is overtired, but not awake enough to want to keep playing. In other words, there is no reason for her to cry, but right on cue the wails commence. It is so exhausting, the second after she falls asleep, I start craving a nice big glass of something alcoholic..

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