Bon appetit

Over the weekend, Maisie had her first sample of real food, well if you can call rice cereal 'real' food. She wasn't particularly impressed with the feast on offer, but is slowly learning the art of gummy chewing. I suspect her skills will vastly improve once we give her a flavour worth working for... We also visited the Red Hill market, which due to the replay grand final was mercifully quiet. It's such a great market, Maisie scored a new sunhat, a pair of pants and a little bib and I had the most fun of our entourage with the energetic Mitchell in the animal petting enclosure. So cute. Oh yes and there was that sunny Sunday walk along the beach and the lovely dinner at David and Susan's that we had to prematurely abandon due to a screaming baby (ahem.)...I love weekends (aside from the screaming baby bit)..

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