Has anyone seen my baby?

Someone has stolen my baby and replaced her with a well-behaved replica, and I'm not complaining. So used to the screaming angst that accompanies Maisie's 7pm sleep session, that when she SMILED and giggled as I left her room this evening, I waited...barely breathing, for the realisation that she was alone, to set in. Then.... nothing. She chatted and cooed like those cute babies in the Huggies commercials and I sucked down some red wine and did a little happy dance. Now I'm not naive enough to expect this experience every night, but what a ridiculous relief to have this happy smiley baby just for one stress-free evening.

Actually the whole day was rather stress free and nice...lunch with my sister and her bub at The Little Ox (pic attached of my yummy salmon tartare with potato roesti, beetroot relish and poached egg), plus a surprise visit from some Newcastle friends who are getting married tomorrow in Melbourne - forecast of 15 degrees blizzard and hail - good thing they can laugh about it. Maisie also spent some time rediscovering the joys of her riotously coloured playmat (good thing babies have a short memory span) and I started my next project - sewing some funky vintage fabric triangles into bunting for the newly crowned angel's room. Have a lovely weekend all.

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