A spot of shopping

So I did end up going to the Magnolia Square market and bought a few bits and bobs. Maisie scored a couple of tops from Emma's bargain bin at the Knuffle Kid stall and I also picked up some gifts for others. As usual, Christmas is dangerously close and I really need to start thinking about presents. The idea of shopping makes me nauseous, so I'm determined to get as much as I can online this year. If you know of any great online shopping sites, please send them my way....my only fear is it will start an obsession, I love those packages arriving in the mail...good thing the bank is taking its time with my replacement card. (pics of the new purchases and the little monkey with her dad)


  1. This is where I have bought the removable chalkboard stickers...http://www.totsntales.com/
    and I've bought things from here before http://www.udessi.com.au/

    Both were quick to deliver and service was really good


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