Purging the days away

The pretty little menace caught pulling books off the shelf, then kicking back on the couch.
The weather was gorgeous on the weekend and I wasted most of it wishing the days would end. I woke up at 2am Saturday morning sick..literal Exorcist-style sick, and this horror-show purge continued unabated for the next hideous 12 hours. Thanks to my husband for going above and beyond with cleaning duties and for looking after the rascal so I could recover. Blagh...the idea of food still makes me squirm.

So, I've been meaning to suggest some places if you're in the mood for a day trip. I'd suggest scooting down to Flinders which has some great tucker and treats. Curio and Curio which was recently opened by Nick Young and his partner Clair (who is a stylist for Real Living mag) is a very cute place. Nick's name has come up a bit lately, with features in Home Beautiful, Real Living and the Design Files. I like hearing about people who kickstart a new career despite a lack of experience in their new chosen path. Also in Flinders, you can get the most beautiful coloured German pencils and some lovely clothes at Flinders Shed. The pencils are cheaper than the clothes, so I'll pick some up next time to share with you...I just need to learn how to draw...

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