New year new beginnings

We've returned from holidays with renewed gusto for a big change this year. It's the year of the house which means finishing some odd jobs around the place before putting it on the market and re-entering the rental world while we hunt for our "dream home" (if there is such a thing in our price range). Let's be honest, it'll be a 'B' or 'C' grade dream, but a new house nonetheless.

Maisie was completely spoilt at Christmas and despite my efforts to buy her nice timber toys, they largely went unnoticed in favour of the plastic fantastic.

Over the break I enjoyed Frankie's mag's latest peek inside people's homes/offices in Spaces and as promised, a pic of Maisie's vintage blocks.

Riding high with dad.

Taking tips from the big kids.

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  1. Welcome Back! Oh that's very exciting news. Here's hoping the house selling/buying process goes smoothly(and quickly! ha)


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