Foggy daze

I lost my house keys over the weekend and was trying to retrace my steps from when I last used them on Friday. It was kind of depressing that by Sunday afternoon I had completely forgotten what I did on Friday. Even sadder that the more I tried to recall of the week, the more I drew a blank. I've been taking Maisie to childcare two mornings a week to try and get her used to the place before I am forced to leave her. (Let's just say she likes childcare with me in it..the place loses all appeal once she's flying solo.) Anyway, this orientation regime is pretty mundane, so it's no wonder I had a foggy recollection, but it reminded me to make the most of my days off. We did do a day-trip to Healesville to pick up her new bike seat from the Mud Factory. It's so good to have wheels again! Oh and in the end, I found my house keys...in the dirty washing.

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