Tickling the ivories

Wow, what a weekend! Check out the amazing breakfast Maisie's papa cooked for me yesterday. Delicious corn fritters with an avocado and coriander salsa. And this was just a little something to get us energised for the very BIG present pour moi. Yep, a HUGE present, one that requires its very own truck to deliver and possibly requires its very own room in the new house...a spanking brand new piano. Soooooooo excited...What a thoughtful and generous husband I have. The piano is on layby and ready to be delivered whenever we move. Actually, I'm not sure if I actually gave an update, but the Year of the House has started in earnest. We have listed the house for sale in April and the tidy-up has commenced. I'm dreading the cleaning required for the open for inspections, but hell it's only four weeks of pain. Four weeks closer to getting my piano. Ahh, the piano..


  1. WOW! That's awesome on two counts! Was it your wedding anniversary?

  2. Our anniversary is next week, so the piano is an early combined anniversary/birthday present. The breakfast was just a bonus..


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